Artist’s Statement

self portrait, oil on canvas

I  was twelve before I got my first pair of glasses and the hard edges of the world came into sharp focus. I spent my early years blissfully unaware that I was profoundly nearsighted and so I lived mostly in my own head and learned to look closely at the seams between and the cracks in the world I could see, and to appreciate the color and abstraction of the larger world just beyond my vision. The lenses of my John Lennon glasses brought me out of the seclusion of my little world and ever since I’ve been trying to reclaim the softer contours of my childhood. I have no fantasy creatures in my head, instead calling on my abstracted sense of what’s around me as a jumping off point. Growing up so deeply in my own interior space I do yearn to be a part of the larger world, but small details seem to fixate me and I wonder about their significance to that larger thing and so I fragment the larger down to pieces I can wonder at more closely.


Cathie Carroll